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24 September 2007 @ 10:32 am
Updating monthly now, haven’t I ? XD;; hahahah

Well, quite late but happy fasting for Moslems out there! :DD it’s ramadhan now so please forgive me if I’ve made any mistakes.. =w=

It’s one week away ‘till ramadhan’s holiday! Can’t wait naa~ I’ve fed up already with exam exam and more exams from my school~ oh oh! And I brought more JE icons and fanarts :DD hohhoo

Kinda stuck with hey!say!7 and JJExpress lately…Individually, it’s Inoo and Dai-chaan~ I’ve just figured that dai-chan is pretty! XDD and for pairings, it’s TakaRioka [still XP] or InooArioka or AsakaInoo or… ah, I love any pairings around Inoo, Arioka, Takaki, and Asaka~! XD god I’m so greedy so if anyone have anything about them, please inform me nee! Whether it’s fanfic, fanart or articles hahahaa cxx

And lately I think TakaYuto or AriYuto is kinda cute too naa~ :DD not that I’ve forgotten about YamaJima though, but still~~ XDD

edit : WTF WITH THIS NEWS OF NEW GROUP ALL OVER ??! D8 *A.K.A Hey!Say!JUMP* i'm happy about the members though.. [doh, Takaki, Inoo, HIKARU, Yabu, and DAIKI.. it's a dream come true or what ? oh i love the chibis too D8] but but but what will happen to Ya-Ya-Yah and J.J.Express ??! ;_____; AAAA~~~AGH DDDD8

edit2 : oka~~~y.. already saw their perf and cm.. >_>;;; err and I LOVE THEM ALL BEING TOGETHER ;__; seriously. what's wrong with me ? what'll happen with shoon and taiyo ??! ;__;

samples :
[02] Asaka Kodai
[06] Arioka Daiki
[04] Inoo Kei
[03] Takaki Yuya
[03] J.J.Express
[02] Nakajima Yuto
[06] Yamada Ryosuke
[03] YamaJima <3
[05] Hey!Say!7
[04] Yaotome Hikaru
[02] Ya-Ya-Yah
[02] Johnny’s Jr.
[06] HanaKimi [screencap&magazine]
[03] Koike Teppei
[03] TomaPi
[02] Tantei Gakuen Q
[08] other

[01] YamaJima, G
[01] TakaRioka, PG ?

[01] Hey!say!7
[01] YamaJima


*I like HikaSho, but I dunno~ lately I think YabuHika is kinda cutee~ XDD*


Have I mentioned that I really like their PV’s costume ? XDD yuto’s costume esp~ it’s looked cool on them, at least I think so :P
And I like every pairing on heisei7~ umm, maybe not with chinen, why ? etto… I think he’s too chibi to get paired, I know yuto and yamada are the same age as he is, but they doesn’t really looks so chibi now, no ? :P


That’s all folks XD

After yamajima smut coming out, now I want to read any TakaRioka smut D8 anyone kind enough to made me one ?? 8DD *sparkly sparkle eyes*
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shizuushizuu on November 11th, 2007 08:24 am (UTC)
from this site -> http://borg.celinternet.pl/jjexpress/en_galeria.php

just search through "scanning from magazine" and click on Duet magazine. the date is january 07

hope it'll help you out :3
rebelliousheep on November 11th, 2007 08:27 am (UTC)
Thank you so much~ <333